Latest Controller for Niche Incubator

We have just completed launching our new range of Niche Incubator series and models.

This series uses tempereature controller, 2 in in function; display & control, while maintaining the same functionality. We use the DUROSTAT temperature controller which is widely used in many incubator designs, large and small size incubators. Typically built to ease the setting of the temperature's parameter setup, the DUROSTAT is however hard enough to let people accidentally adjusting the SP (set point).

The temperature is very stable and works within the SP. Fantastic!, This will produce a stable humidity.

This model come in 2 variants of capacity. Referring to the number of eggs (for ayam kampung), Model M103D can be hatched 315 eggs at one time (maximum based on the hatching tray design). Model M133D, is almost triple the current size. This will easily hatch more than 1000 eggs (Ayam Kampung). The size is 1000mm (H) x 720mm (D) x 1200mm (W) while the current size is 800mm x 720mm x 390mm approximately.

The image shown on the left is latest Niche Incubator design, model M103D adding the sight glass at the front panel (door) to help user with a better viewing on the eggs inside the incubator.

The price for Model M103D is RM2,700.00, while for model M133D is RM7,500.00.

However we still maitain the prices for standard model M103S and M133S. Both M103S and M133S come with standard temperature controller (thermostat), while the the temperature gauge is still using Dial gauge tpye. Prices for M103S is RM2,000.00 and M133S is RM6,000.00

For those who has extra budget, model M103D/M133D is our recommendation, if the temperature tempering is their utmost problem. Otherwise, our standard incubator (base model) is good enough should proper precaution is adhered to.

Besides the model M103S/133S and 103D/133D, we have perviously listed our most perfect and practical Niche Incubator in terms of monitoring. This model is referred to M103E/M133E. It uses the same thermosat controller as Model M103S/133S, but it uses more advance features to help users increase their dependencies on regular monitoring. We install thermohygrometer of a highly accurate reading.

Please bear in mind the, the best information required in hatching eggs is the humidity and not the temperature alone. This thermohygrometer however is not controlling both the temperature and humidity. It merely reads displays the parameters. It comes with memory recording as well through out the periods.

All the prices are factory based.


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