Inkubator Bersaiz Sederhana

Tiada apa yang boleh dikatakan melainkan memanjat sepenuh kesyukuran kehadrat Allah swt, kerana aku adalah seorang Islam. Yes! All because all the pains and hurdles all this while, though it is far from over, but a very significant improvement shown in terms of business growth is on the right track.

When I re-call the very first moment I ventured into this business (making an automatic eggs incubator), my tears almost drop instantly. I can still remember, during those time, with the physical and fitness that has happened to me, nothing much I could do except to rely on God (Allah). It was totally fate. I accepted all those with "redha" until one fine moment a friend of me insisted me to produce a Mini Incubator. I did it without asking. I was not gambling, merely hoping that one day I would become a reputable incubator's manufacturer.

Yes! it took me only more than a week to produce sample unit as part of my marketing plan. I told myself that I will widely publish the unit in the internet. And I did it!. Infact, I did not need to make an extra or huge effort to pusblish it. is the only medium and until today, my ads in the the still available. Thanks anyway to

Eventually, it took almost 8 months to give the very first order from the nice guy from Johor, named En. Nazri. He is the 1st customer. Not only one unit, but 3 sets all together including the hatcher purchased in one-shot. Thanks also to En. Nazri and brother in-law who continuously give me a lot of motivation despites several difficulties and dissatisfaction we both experienced. Merely due to the real "patience" shown by these 2 guys, not only the problems we managed to tackle, but I learnt a lot of basic things when dealing with small size incubators.

Remember that, all the models produced by us were made of plywood. It make a lot of differences between the steel incubator or other type of incubators that are using heat insulation material with the ones we produced. Certain considerations must be adhered! because it is a plywood based. No lamination and no insulation either!

Well!, now, numbers of NICHE incubators based model MI-103 has been produced and until today, the request is overwhelming. Thanks to the solid design and well rugged architecture and sturdy structure! Surely, if not because of the sample given, I may not be here today. It is a reality.

It is just over a year when I first involved in this business (producing small size incubators). Several different kind of customers I deallt with. Different behaviours but the same aims. They want to be success farmers by applying technology in their farming industries.

Thus, I have received the order from almost the same customers to supply them with extra size of incubators. There are customers who were requesting to produce up to 10,000 eggs capacity in one incubator's chamber. Though technically I can copy several designs of the best incubators around the world to meet the customers' demands, but I would still prefer to advice the potential customers for not taking the risk of having large size incubator. As a beginner in the farming industries where all limitation the have to face, I always insit them to have only several units of medium size that certainly protects their business. Explaination given!

I merely suggest them that, due to the reasons that I have received I can only start making the incubators with a capacity a of about double the size of the mini incubator. The most will be about triple the size of MI-103 model, which can load about 1,000 chicken eggs. So the 1st set of medium size incubators will be in the market soon, in less than a month from now!

For those who would eagerly want to have the medium size of incubator with a lot of extra features, don't forget to make a contact with me any moment from now! I know that some of my present customers has to purchase this kind of medium size any moment from now tho meet the drastic growth of their business.

I truly believe, having a fully automatic Incubator, especially the medium size with a lot of extra features deem neccessary as ones can't surely manage to shake every single piece of eggs all the times. Time were surely wasted! But all these are only good for a medium size of farmers.


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