When The Thing Goes Wrong!

Did I Make The Mistake?

Yes! This time it really ruins me! It started when everything goes not as per planned. Was it me? Or was it the supplier?

Last 3 days I made an inquiry via the online services provided by the system. The services were excellent in addition to the personal asistance provided by the online voice telecommunication. This is the best part we received when we dealth with a prominent multi-national company. Very well explained, technologically assisted and knowledgeable. But still, why must the mistakes happened/occured?

Everything goes well even when I personally went to the counter to make the cash payment with the expectation that I would get the goods instantly. My guess was wrong. The ex-stock as mentioned by the online sales personnel was referred to the ex-stock in the Singapore office. Huh! I felt a bit shock as I fed with some mis-information. Why in the first place, the online sales personnel did not tell me the real situation instead expecting me to understand their standard operation? To me, when someone refer to the ex-stock, it should be here in Kuala Lumpur and definitely not in the other country.

Do They Aware Of Their SOP?

Well, it was still okay when the ctounter sales assistant told me that it shall take less than 3 days to arrive in Malaysia, the best still the goods will be delivered up to my door-step! Though at that time, I have prepared to refuse the offer by the counter sales asistant as I can get the stock here in Kuala Lumpur with the ex-stock basis, but with a little bit expensive in terms of the price; I then agreed to make the full payment by cash. The payment has been done when the counter sales assistant pronounced once only and I "heard" it was correct. Without asking or re-confirming (that was probably the mistake happened), I took the hand-written sales confirmation receipt and left the counter.

Partly I salute for the fast and prompt services provided by this company. The ordereds' goods arrived exactly 24 hours from the time I made the payment in KL office whereby the goods were delivered deirectly from the Singapore office. Dammed excellent! I was really happy hence dropping my blood-pressure down back to normal, really. I feel relief. NEVERTHELESS, it turned the other way around when I started looking for the packaging. My heart has started fast beeping, as the packaging looked very ambiguous to me. It was exactly as what I first impressed. It was the WRONG part arrived!

Whose Mistake Then?

So, whose mistake was really there! Me? Yes probably and partly and the counter sales asistant as well. This is a daily and rutine job for her and she should be well-informed about her smart duty. It was ok to me! I learnt new lesson in this chaptor. In the past, when my company setup were lined-up with a complete staff and personnel, I had little chance to learn the flows and now I have to scoop up myself. Indeed, it is a pretty good lesson. Not that expensive but good enough!

I have nicely put up my plan to produce several sizes of my incubators' ranges based on very good respond from the Internet viewers which I received numbers of calls daily. This has added my confident when several customers has confirmed their orders by depositing the sum of money to my account. Though I still can anticipated that there should not be any problem with the due dateline given, it is however halted the progress for few days.

So, for the customers who has placed their booking, please do not worry. Your goods will be ready to be delivered within the specified time given.


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