Yet Again, I have Changed My Blog Template

Ever since I started blogging (few years ago), I have created numbers of blog with several blog titles depending on the situation as well as seasons. Threafter, I keep on searching the best approaches to suit my blogging styles. However, during those time I posed no special features in my blog as I did not have "good" products to display as well as to share the information.

I started blogging using with our very owned domain names and mastering FTP processes. Though I have long ago adopted the blogspot as part of my blogging technology, but I still found that using Wordpress is always much better and easier with a lot of features. Just because I am too sticky to the blogging style, I keep on searching the best option of using the blogspot speciality when I spotted several blogspots' bloggers displaying hinghly comparable features as compared to the Wordpress blogs. And Thanks God (Allah). I have found the real blogging features using the blogspot templates.

However, my searching for the best blogging were not stopping there. I always can't accept that, I have created the acceptable blog appearence if it is not the best still. Therefore I keep on searching again and again and until today I hardly can find the best option to suit my blogging needs.

And yet again, today I have changed my blogspot blogging templates and really don't know when will this searching be stopped! It's really ruin me! No joking! Though I it is not too difficult to complete the whole migration of the whole blogspot contents whithout missing any points from the previous blogging templates, it has consumed/used my precious times! This has really made me sick of thinking the habbit. I may now come to the stage of addicted!

If there are readers reading this "my special features", I hope ones may come forward and post some positive comments of how I can stop my blogging habbit which I can feel myself as "stupid". I really can't avoid it.

Thank you for reading! And comments please....!


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