Introducing New Gadgets in Temperature Controller

In line with series of suggestions either to meet the customers' requests, adding variances of features to provide more options as well as the intention to reduce the whole incubator cost so that more farmers can afford to own it in the near time to come.

We, at Pristine Omega Sdn Bhd through its whole subsidiary company, Niche Strategy Marketing has put continuous efforts to ensure the production of our very-owned incubators achives its own standard thus satisfiying the buyers. In other word we want to make sure from time to time, it is becoming worth of spending.

When we talk about incubator, normally we are talking about the hatching capability, either be it a manual or automatic function incubator. Of course there shall be differences between the manual and automatic incubators when it comes to the capacity. Generally, when the farmers have hundereds of eggs to be hatched, the niche to use automatic incubator is very clear. However the way the incubator acts especially in terms of producing heat and heumidity in the chamber must be defined. It would much easier to control both of the parameters; heat & humidity when using the manual incubator of course. However, the user (farmer) will face the limitation of eggs capacity.

Generally also, manual incubator uses single layer tray whereby, when using automatic incubator, the system incorporates with egg turners hence multi-layer tray is used. The multi-layer tray or turner is of course receives the different level of heat and humidity. If this humidity and heat is not properly controlled, the distribution of heat & humidity becomes uneven. This will lead to the poor hatcheability. In order to have the best control of those parameters, the air-circulation method is best to be applied. Without this, extreme saturation of heat & humidity will become very obvious.

Thus, not only the method must be correct and perfect, but also the use of gadget or equipment must also be appropriate. It is here, where Niche Incubator rapidly respond to the compalints and suggestions. There are people who likes to use the digital tempertaure controller. To this user, it has a lot of freedom as the control and the monitoring of humidity is under the same gadget. But the user has to pay a bit more price in order to enjoy the features. However there are also some users complecent with the use of the simple and basic control system such as using thermostat and analog tempereture meter.

Whereby, at the same time, there are users who want to own the machine by having installed the thermostat and digital temperature meter as they feels that monitoring of the changes of these parameters is best if it can be associated with digital figures. Not withstanding the pro and the contra of the different kind of gadgets is clearly exist, it is however depending on the behavior of each and everyone of the user, But WE at Niche Strategy Marketing always sensitive to the provide the best options to customer.

The latetest measuring gadget for me is the combination of CAEM thermostat and Digital Temperature meter fo a little bit more cheaper price. For information, the CAEM that we are using or introducing is ranging from 10 deg. - 40.0 deg. Hopefully, by using this CAEM, the monitoring of temperature and humidity will become more precise as compared to the majority of other thermostat brands and at the at same time it provides good firing safety as it is made.

The above posting should have published few days back from the date of our departure for the whole family vacation to the esat cost.


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