Uuuuhhh! Mobile Internet, Now I Fully Realized!

My vacation and business trip to The East Cost Of Peninsular Malaysia has not come to the end yet!. Yesterday, we reached here In Terengganu again. Nothing much except to complete the uncompleted jobs which I left proir to visiting Kelantan (later in a separate posting I will elaborate the purpose of visiting Kelantan.Now, it is about time to talk about the mobile Internet.

Way back to the year 2006, I have bought a set of mobile wireless "EDGE" which also acted as a wireless modem. It is a PCMCIA slot card. It was extremely good. Those days, I bought the EDGE card purely due the crazy Internet "Gambling" called. It was a trauma when we talk about FOREX. I have got involved in the Forex thru a formal class I attended in the late 2005 where during those time, I can bet there were so little people knew about Forex. And to add to the story, I used to set up classes purposely to teach people about Forex. In fact I used to earn very good incomes by teaching Forex. Though teaching Forex was extremely a good income, but it was not good enough to lure me. Traded Forex even much better. But soon after realizing Forex has not passed the Halal compliance in terms of syariah, I stooped trading Forex. Thus I stopped engaging with EDGE mobile Internet right-away. The EDGE cards is still there (my house). Unused! as good as NEW! Awesome! Call me if someone need it! Hehehe

Now, back to the current situation!. Almost 4 years from the time I stopped using the EDGE (though it was not as fast as 3G, but it was so stable and OK), I can feel that, I lost something that is really, really important in the Internet life! It become a reality when I got stucked during my stay in Pasir Tumbuh, Kelantan. The newly vacant house that we moved in has not equipped with the internet facility yet and I would strongly feel it will never be fixed as nobody want to use except my family and me. My daddy will not use it for sure!

To add to the worse situation, I have something to post in my blog as part of my casual routine to have the blog active and live. The whole part of Pasir Tumbuh has no Cyber Cafe at all. Almost every angles and squares I asked, the answer was "NO". I believe there are a lot of Broadband facilities, the only problem was, non of the area served with Cyber Cafe. Thus My daddy & me has to make the special efforts travel to Kubang Kerian near to the HUSM (Medical Campus for USM). I almost gave up until my my dad asked the owner of the hotel. And I was lucky as there is one Cyber Cafe operating, named See See Shopper. The name itself does not reflect the Internet Cafe that can cause a misleading situations to the passers-by. Really. At glance, the meaning is very ambiguous, though it is meant for the same thing.

This sometimes, make me feel how important the name of the company or the MOTTO of the company that can carry weight to the whole idea of marketing our products and services.

The time was a bit late when I reached the See See Shoppers. It was 9.30 pm when I started surfing. Ones can imagines, after about a week that I missed the Internet, I have to spent few minutes to read emails and reply. Needless to say that I missed a lot to the most and favorite forum bicarajutawan. Never have a chance at all to browse tru. I quickly uploading and downloading almost all the images and data in order to publish a back-dated posting. I only managed to make 1 posting. Syukran! God (Allah has helped me with super patience! as there are potential customer wish to have a look on my latest product MI-203 Medium size incubator).

The time showed 10:37. I doubted if I could complete another interesting posting. Thus I kept it pending as I knew and as has been regularly advised by my mentor (my dad), "DO NOT PRACTICE TO MAKE A LEFT-OVER". Then I stopped as he has waited for me outside the See See Shoppers door.

Anyway, thank you for the See See Shoppers, though there were no A/cond installed, I still managed to complete 1 post plus a chance to read and reply my e-mail.

I promised and I strongly urged to my self, I will get a fresh set of mobile internet any time soon when I reach Puchong though I tried to survey up to the boarder of Thailand, Rantau Panjang. But I still believe, over in Kuala Lumpur, there are more choices and rest assured the price and services are far more better than anywhere else.


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