Will This Be A New Opportunity?

Welcome back my friends!

Surely, my blogging is different from many other blogger that you used to surf. You may say it is rojak or "pickle". You can name it anything. For as long as you wish to read, I shall thank you with a bundle of smiles. Without you, my blog is dormant. With you are reading this rubbish (hopefully not!), my blog is alive. Though there is little or no information can benefit you right away, I am happy coz you have been visiting me indirectly. Stay tuned!

As has been mentioned number of times, this time I will spell out quite in details the purpose of visiting Kelantan. For many of my close friends, they know me that I am originating from Terengganu. I born in Terengganu. I can still have a "tongue of Terengganu, very pure dielet - hardly to remove. Even when I speak and write, I do it fluently in Terengganu dialect.

Kelantan? Yes! Pasir Tumbuh Kelantan. I have my daddy moved to Pasir Tumbuh Kelantan to further or enhance his knowledge in Islamic studies particularly Quranic Studies. Pondok Pasir Tumboh is amongst the best Islamic Studies Center. Their format of study is different from what has been thought in a normal school or Masjid. It is a formal and it is in a form of Small group. Numbers of groups mastering the different kind of speciality or streams. Every groups has its own teacher. Under the same roof no separation between each group, under the same hall of the mosque. Very harmony almost full of jubah, from youngters to the aged people who live in a subsidized age!

The purpose of visiting daddy turned to be a highly potential business opportunity. I have had a call from a person whom I know used to teach at Masjid As-Salam Puchong Puchong Perdana, twice a month. He is Prof . Ust. Dr. Kamarulzaman Yusoff aka KAYU from UKM who have a special duty at Machang. But out of the sudden, he wanted to meet me here in Kelantan for the next morning breakfast appointment. To add to the supprise, he told me that, the tomorrow breakfast will be hosted with the Machang Assemblymen, name YB .Ust Zulkifli. I was mumble a while then.

He passed me the call and spoke to Ustaz (YB) Zulkifli. Over the phone, YB insisted to meet me over the breakfast in Machang together with Ustaz KAYU. Earlier he mentioned about the hatchery technology which is about my specialty. Hhmmm... that is reason why he is called Prof/Dr/Ustaz. He has a very sharp memory. I only spoke to him once only, few months ago while having entertained him after he completed delivering his Kuliah at Masjid As-Salam. Merely told him that I have involved in the making of incubator (hatchery equipment)

The next morning, me and my dad travelled from Pasir Tumbuh to Machang. Becoz we are new to Kelantan, we have taken a very long way to reach Machang, but we managed to reach much earlier then them. We met them at Sekolah Menengah Sains Machang. During the buiness talk at a Nasi Kerabu stall, YB Zul insist to buy some of the incubators from us but with one (1) condition. We must able supply the eggs (eggs with good fertility and certified by us and not others - very big meaning) together, as the bottle neck always faced by the farmers are the inability to produce quality eggs. YB also stressed that, the purchase is not for him but for the majority of the potential farmers under his DUN. Having been discussed with YB Zul, he brought us to visit his EM-AS reactor which he is to be a licence operator producing EMAS (activated EM) on their own brand name.

Later he brought us to the The Markas Tarbiyyah PAS where we were listening to the kuliah delivered by YB (ADUN) Pasir Tumbuh, Ustaz Baihaki in about an hour. Thereafter we continued discussing the potintial business that we can together explore in Kelantan via his personal capacity as ADUN and (EXCO)?. We have had a light drink. No politic talking.

YB Zul is a simple person and/but very serious in making decision. Though sometimes looks like joking. That's probably his style. He has a very broad mind in agriculture industries. Kelantan is very lucky to have his ADUN who is very hard-working helping peoples.

Now, everything is me. I have to make a calculation if I wanted to take a very positive challenges. Nothing come so easy. The higher you climb the harder the barrier is. Only wisdom will allow you to pass this barrier. I have falled many times before. Will this time be the same again?

For the record, I have not made any effort yet to climb any office (government office) to market my product. Everything comes by nature via Internet.

Now, I keep my finger-crossed. I will fully calculate the offer. Then only I leave to Allah to set my faith. Be it good be it bad, I have to accept.

Thank you UST KAYU for arranging my business appointment with these two YBs. I owe you 1 teh tarik and will do it when I meet you in Masjid As-Salam in the near time to come!


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