We Are Now Authorized Dealer Of Brinsea Products In Malaysia

Welcome back readers!

Today, Niche Strategy Marketing has officially been appointed as An Authorized Dealer of Brinsea products in Malaysia. As you might well aware, Brinsea has its own Authorized Distributor in Singapore.

Along with this new appointment, we will definitely provide a better service to the farmers in Malaysia by providing them with variety of choices related to the Egg hatching requirement. Before this, we at Niche Strategy Marketing tried very hard to push customers with a limited choice of products that we personally produced, here locally in Malaysia.

With the full range of hatchery products lined-up by Brinsea, all we hope that, not only the most commonly used equipment that our regular customers, buyers and/or readers can rely on, but we are now able to provide superior supports to entertain several requests pertaining to the smaller size incubators which is not in our production lists.

For a record, we received numerous requests to supply smaller size incubators that run with automatic turner. As you might well aware, there are numbers of smaller (I could called it as a super mini incubator) size incubator manufacturers in Malaysia, however, those incubators comes with purely manual operation.

Of course, in these days, everything are within just a finger-tips. It is true enough. It is however, the product is hardly to be served locally. With this new appointment, not only customers have a better access, but also customer will get a better product services and supports inclusive of spare parts locally here in Malaysia. As far as the commitment is concerned, customers can rest assured, they will be served even better if any of the currently regular users of Brinsea deal with us.

This is just the acknowledgement page/posting. Surely very litter information of the products is displayed here. We'll be coming back with more and accurate information with the full price lists as has been extended to us by the Brinsea Distributor.

We'll keep updating to add more info about these new products range adding it to a more variety & choices to our current incubators' models.

Stay tuned with us!.


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